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Vapor Armour Installs Its Vapor Seals into the Tillamook Creamery facility in Tillamook, OR

Vapor Armour Inc., a nationally recognized building envelope expert in the controlled environment industry, has been selected to install our patented Vapor Armour™ vapor seals in the Tillamook facility in Tillamook, Oregon, United States.  The facility has approximately 40,000 square feet of cooler space. We are installing just over 1,000 lineal feet of exterior compression seal to Main Cooler perimeter and to 6 Penthouse Roof deck connections; and over 500 lineal feet of Expansion Joint Seal to the lower building.  All will be covered by our 15 year “No-Ice, No Condensation, No-cost” warranty. This install will be completed by August of 2021.

July 15, 2021

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