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WFLO Institute Latin America 2022

Mexico, July 13, 2022.      

The most comprehensive cold chain study program for perishable foods  was held July1-1-3 at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma Hotel, Mexico City, in its 8thyear in Latin America. The WFLO Institute Latin America is aimed at professionals from different areas, offering more than 40 classes taught by leading experts in the agro-industry.    Its curriculum includes 6 modules developed in 12 courses that are taught during the 3 days of duration (3-year program). Leading students to acquire solid knowledge about the science of frozen, supply chain and the field of logistics and refrigerated/frozen storage. 


Group of students, instructors and staff, WFLO Institute Latin America 2022


This year the WFLO Institute Latin America had the participation of 32 students from 9 Latin American countries (Mexico, Uruguay, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama and the United States), and 8 international instructors belonging to renowned companies: George Cruz, United States Cold Storage-USA, José Carranza, Agroempaques, S.A. -Peru, Juan Carlos Hencker, Refrisistemas  Industriales de Centro América, Adriana Marmolejo, Lineage Logistics-USA, Lowell Randel, Global Cold Chain Alliance-USA, Marco León, Lefix-Mexico, Luis Fortuño, Commercial Advisor-Mexico, Raúl Hernández, Precisa Frozen and Rafael Rocha, Emergent Cold, Panama.


As a closing of the program, the graduation ceremony of the 6th was held. Promotion of the WFLO Institute Latin America integrated by 4 students:  Alonso Fernández, Alimentos SBF de México, Verónica Díaz, Emergent Cold-Colombia, Alexandra De León, Emergent Cold-Panamá and Arnoldo Tinoco, US Cold Storage-United States.


Some comments from the studentsas part of their experience at the WFLO Institute Latin America: 

"The experience at the Institute has been very good, especially because it also offers the opportunity to network and share experiences with colleagues from Latin America, Alexandra de León-Emergent Cold Panama.

"Having the opportunity to come to finish the last year in Latin America was good, because the world is now global, we have no borders and it has been a good experience to know and learn about the regulations and processes that apply in Latin America, I will recommend to my colleagues to study the Program here" Arnoldo Tinoco,  US Cold Storage, United States.

"I thank the instructors for sharing all their experience and experiences about the industry, I can tell you thatthis diploma is not only  for Refrigerated Warehouses, I operate a food processing plant and all the knowledge I acquired I am ready to apply it to daily operations, I would also like to invite the students who attended the first year,  to continue attending and finish the course, it is a diploma that is built on the knowledge acquired in the previous modules, then every year the program gets more interesting, additional people come from many countries in Latin America so it becomes a very rich program in culture where experiences and many ways of thinking are exchanged,  highly recommended" Alonso Fernández, Alimentos SBF de México.


July 18, 2022

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