Technical Guides and Manuals

Covers_CrisisManagement2008GCCA Core Partners publish technical guides and manuals that provide members with indispensable guidance on building, operating, and improving temperature-controlled facilities. Most guides are available to members free of charge online. Hard copies may be purchased by nonmembers or members in the online store.

Commodity Storage Manual

This is the cold chain industry’s chief resource for scientific information on the storage and handling of perishable goods with information on storing almost 300 different temperature-controlled products. MORE

Guide to Effective Warehouse Administration

Get everything you need to know to run a successful refrigerated warehousing and logistics business, including chapters on warehouse law, insurance, IT systems, human resources, and government affairs. MORE

Guide to Effective Warehouse Crisis Management

Be prepared for the unexpected and learn how to cope with any crisis in this manual, which covers emergency response plans, ammonia spills, and media relations. MORE

Guide to Effective Warehouse Design, Maintenance, and Modernization

Dive into the physical structure of the warehouse, refrigeration engineering, material handling, and more with this brand new manual, newly revised in November of 2017. MORE

Guide to Effective Warehouse Operations

Learn about best practices in warehouse supply chain logistics and operations with sections on safety, sanitation, costs, and policies. MORE

Guidelines for the Design, Construction, Specification and Fire Management of Insulated Envelopes for Temperature Controlled Environments

Published by the European Division of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC), these guidelines provide contractors and operators with a comprehensive overview of design and installation of insulated envelopes in accordance with the latest UK and European standards. Copies of the guide are available for sale. Contact the European Division of IACSC for more information.

Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide

IARW and Cascade Energy, Inc. collaborated to publish this special edition of Cascade Energy’s popular Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide. The guide provides an overview of refrigeration best practices, refrigeration system basics, and strategies to decrease your energy usage. Available only in hard copy. Warehouse members are entitled to one complimentary copy. Copies of the guide are available for sale in the Online Store.

WFLO Successful Refrigerated Warehousing

The official textbook for the WFLO Institute, Successful Refrigerated Warehousing is developed for managers who want to advance their career in public refrigerated warehousing and logistics. The textbook includes chapters on facilities management, finance, food safety, human resources, logistics management, risk management, and warehouse technology. It also includes a dictionary for common industry terms. Available only in hard copy. WFLO Institute students receive a complimentary copy.

Food Industry Return on Investment (ROI) Toolkit

The Return on Investment (ROI) Kit was developed to assist companies in evaluating their temperature-controlled storage needs and whether those needs can best be met through construction of a distribution center, (referred to in this kit as “private warehouse space”), or through use of one of the many public facilities available worldwide. The ROI Kit helps to organize factors to be considered in the capital expenditure decision, and provides worksheets to document your calculation of two commonly used methods. Download the kit.