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As a complimentary service, members of GCCA Core Partner organizations are invited to contribute articles, white papers, and company news. Press releases will be featured on the Member Connection blog, applicable e-Newsletters, and in COLD FACTS magazine.

Take advantage of association publications to market your products and services to the cold chain industry. Send your press releases, e-Newsletter, and blog articles to Stu Kushner at Send your COLD FACTS articles or article ideas to Learn more about the publications where we feature member press releases and article submissions below.

  • The bimonthly COLD FACTS magazine is a direct link to 3,000 of the top decision-makers in the international cold chain and delivers association news, member news, market intelligence, and reports on the latest cold chain trends and advances.

    Members are welcome to submit articles or article ideas to GCCA. Articles should refrain from any promotional language and present concepts in an objective manner. A one page article is about 600 words and a two page article is about 1,200 words. High resolution photos to accompany the article are very much appreciated.

    Members are also invited to send press releases and news to GCCA for publication in COLD FACTS and relevant eNewsletters. Please note, member news for COLD FACTS will be edited down to 50-70 words. Articles may also be edited for content. Articles and press releases should pertain to the cold chain industry.

    Please forward submissions to


    January-February WFLO Institute (East & West) November 18, 2016
    March-April IARW-WFLO Convention January 20, 2017
    May-June Global Cold Chain Expo March 17, 2017
    July-August GCCA Assembly of Committees May 19, 2017

    IACSC Conference & Expo;

    IARW North American Chapter Meetings

    July 14, 2017
    November-December September 15, 2017
  • Who’s building? Who just released a new product? Who’s hiring? Who got promoted? The Member Connection blog features the latest press releases from GCCA core partner members. Press releases from active GCCA core partner members generally will be posted within 48 business hours of submission. GCCA posts press releases in full and any images to the blog.

    A summary of the press release will then appear in the Cold Connection eNewsletter. Press releases featured in the eNewsletter will be edited down to 80-100 words, depending on space. Press releases may also be edited for content. 

    Press releases can be sent to Stu Kushner at

  • Cold Connection

    Cold Connection, a weekly e-Newsletter, is sent to 4,500 members of the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses and the World Food Logistics Organization. 

    Members are welcome to submit articles or article ideas for the eNewsletter. Articles should refrain from any promotional language and present concepts in an objective manner. Any articles deemed to be overly promotional may be moved to the member news section of the e-Newsletter. Articles should be 100-150 words. Articles and press releases should pertain to the cold chain industry.

    Cold Connection is published by MultiBriefs, a division of MultiView. The eNewsletters’ brands are solely owned by the respective Core Partners of the Global Cold Chain Alliance. Learn more about MultiBriefs

    Submissions should be sent  to Stu Kushner at

    Cold Connection Deadlines: Submissions sent by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday will be included in the following week’s Cold Connection.

Author/Contributor Agreement

Authors agree that GCCA has the right to edit and create derivative works from the article, and the right to any and all commercial reproduction, transmission, display, performance or distribution of the article or any derivative works based on the article via any means currently existing or developed or discovered in the future, including, without limitation, posting to the Internet, CD, DVD, or other digital format.