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Successful Benchmarking with IARW Productivity & Benchmarking Report
Author: Laura Test

Benchmarking can be a useful tool to ensure that a company is achieving high performance standards within the industry. Companies interested in benchmarking must develop a thorough strategy that identifies the most important metrics to measure and involves the entire logistics team. The IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Report provides members an online platform for benchmarking in the temperature-controlled logistics industry. Through the online tool, members can benchmark against hundreds of key performance indicators provided by other survey participants.

The 2014 Executive Summary report included results from 140 warehouses representing 35 companies. Approximately 55% of the IARW top twenty-five largest IARW member companies participated in the 2014 survey. Members may review these benchmark results year-round, and purchase different levels of access. Basic Access is complimentary to IARW Warehouse members and provides the fundamentals of entering and benchmarking data. Premium Access, $595 annually for IARW Warehouse members, gives access to numerous filters, analytics, and reports. Learn more and enter your data in the online tool.


Basic Access
Executive Summary

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