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Wall Street Journal Reports on Global Cold Storage Capacity Report

According to the 2016 GCCA Global Cold Storage Capacity Report, refrigerated warehouse capacity worldwide grew to 600 million cubic meters this year, an increase of nearly 9% since the report was last published in 2014. The Capacity Report provides industry growth trends, market development indicators, and market comparisons. While the official 2016 GCCA Global Cold Storage Capacity Report will be released to the membership in the coming weeks, the Wall Street Journal recently composed an article detailing the capacity growth in cold storage around the world. The data in the article originated from the GCCA survey and report. See below for an article excerpt and link to the full article available at

Global Refrigerated Warehouse Capacity Grows Amid Emerging Market Gains

Many emerging markets lack necessary ‘cold chain’ capacity, but that is slowly changing

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal
Aug. 10, 2016 10:05 a.m. ET

Big-box refrigerated warehouses are popping up in ever more remote corners of the world.

Global refrigerated warehouse capacity grew to 600 million cubic meters this year, according to the latest survey by the Global Cold Chain Alliance, an industry group representing temperature-controlled logistics companies. Much of the development occurred in emerging markets such as China, where refrigerated warehouse capacity grew 41%, between 2014 and 2016, to 107 cubic meters. Read the full article


Global Cold Storage Capacity Report

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