September 23, 2020 2:00PM to 3:00PM

In today’s world of high paced refrigerated warehousing and rising energy costs, it has never been more important to insure proper door selection. Critical factors are often overlooked when designing a cold storage facility. Yet, studies have shown that improper door selection can result in higher energy costs, higher maintenance costs, lower productivity, wasted man-hours and lower usable door life. Efficient facility operation depends on controlling all of these factors.

Join the Global Cold Chain Alliance and Tom Lewis, Vice President of HCR Sales and Marketing for Jamison Door Company, as he shares “the Jamison Rule of Thumb” for door selection. Together, we’ll explore:

  • How door “open time” influences door selection
  • Door design and materials for various use cases
  • Technical specifications for leading door models

You’ll leave this session with some key considerations for controlling costs and maximizing productivity and energy efficiency.


Presenter: Tom Lewis, Vice President of HCR Sales & Marketing, Jamison Door Company

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This session is sponsored by Jamison Door Company in conjunction with GCCA’s WFLO Institute Webinar Series. WFLO Webinars offer a flexible and convenient opportunity for cold chain professionals worldwide to share knowledge and learn from one another. Browse the WFLO Webinar Archives.


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