White Papers & Assessments

Published by GCCA core partner organizations, white papers and bulletins help members better understand and prepare for critical industry issues. Each paper is developed by either a committee of members, members of the Scientific Advisory Council, or other industry experts. Nonmembers may purchase white papers, reports, and bulletins in the online store.

CEBA Properly Sizing the Electrical Service for a Refrigerated Facility White Paper 

This paper discusses the influences on the design size of the electrical main and the mitigating factors that can be considered when sizing the main switchboard on a new refrigerated facility. When designing the electrical system for a refrigerated facility, there is an opportunity, whether intentional or unintentional, for the service transformer and the main switchboard to be sized significantly larger than needed for the application. This is due to several factors, such as safety factors, future expansion, total connected load, and local code influence, among others. Sometimes, this can lead to an oversized main switchboard and add unnecessary cost to the project. This problem worsens when there is no room or reason for future expansion of the facility.  Furthermore, this paper provides an overview of additional considerations for the facility’s electrical system. Please contact Jeff Greenwald, Manager of Credential Programs, with any questions or comments.

A Quick Reference Guide of Organizations, Guidelines and Laws Relevant to Refrigerated Warehouse Construction

A collection of organizations, laws, and guidelines are found in this document to inform and direct users with information related to the temperature-controlled supply chain. Many regulations exist in each stage of the supply chain, from design environment, transportation, and warehousing. The intent of this document is to allow users to navigate and filter from a single source many of the regulations pertaining to the temperature-controlled supply chain.

Insurance Considerations for Cold Stores in South Africa

With the continual need to feed a growing global population, preserving food for extended periods of time is required necessitating cold storage to prolong shelf life and help prevent spoilage of foods. In this White Paper, “Insurance Considerations for Cold Stores in South Africa” learn more about understanding the component design, the importance of a sound Health & Safety Management System, staff training etc.

Cold Storage Transcritical CO2  Refrigeration Systems White Paper  

In this Whitepaper, “Cold Storage Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration Systems,” learn how carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration systems, increasingly, are providing refrigerated warehouse owners with a viable alternative to ammonia (NH3) refrigerant, which faces increasing government regulation. 

Performance Management Process Strategies White Paper

Eight successful strategies for enhancing performance management to create an ongoing process. Part of the Talent Management White Paper Series, developed by Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC.

Water Conservation and Optimization White Paper 

Learn more about the fundamentals of water conservation at cold storage facilities with an emphasis on reducing the quantity of water used, conserving non-renewable energy sources and preventing contamination and misuse of natural resources.

Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent White Paper
Key recruitment and retention strategies employed by several IARW warehouse members; expressed by their CEOs and business owners at a recent association meeting. Part of the Talent Management White Paper Series, developed by Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC.

Thermal Energy Storage in an Ammonia Refrigerated Low-Temperature Warehouse 

Measurement and Verification (M&V) study of Viking Cold Solutions, Inc. thermal energy storage (TES) technology installed in an industrial low-temperature cold storage warehouse.

Application of Automation within a Temperature-Controlled Warehouse

Reasons to consider Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), challenges that may arise and building considerations for ASRS. MORE

Low Ammonia Charge Refrigeration Systems for Cold Storage White Paper

Learn about viable alternatives to the high ammonia charge pumped recirculated liquid system typically found in most temperature-controlled facilities. MORE

Fire Safe Solar White Paper

Best practices in installing and maintaining a fire-safe solar photovoltaic (PV) system. MORE

Dealing with an Ammonia Spill

An ammonia release can present a dangerous and costly peril to the cold storage industry. Proper planning and effective management, however, can make the difference between an emergency that can injure employees or take lives and cost millions of dollars and one that produces only temporary inconvenience. Over many years, considerable information about ammonia refrigeration systems and methods used to deal with ammonia releases have been developed and/or gathered by GCCA) and its Core Partners. The white paper Dealing with an Ammonia Spill was developed to summarize portions of that body of information.

Controlled Environment Fire Prevention White Paper

Using oxygen reduction technology for fire prevention in controlled environment facilities. MORE

Workers' Compensation Premium Credits by State Matrix

The IARW Safety Committee has compiled a state by state matrix of credits available for your workers compensation premium. MORE

Energy Back-Up for Refrigerated Warehouses White Paper

Explores energy back-up options for refrigerated warehouses. MORE

Kenya Cold Chain Assessment Report

Explores improvements needed to support the development of cold chain drivers in Kenya and could be applied to other developing countries in the region. MORE

Demand Response Facts and Frequently Asked Questions White Paper 

During the 2011 Global Cold Chain Alliance Assembly of Committees in July 2011, the IARW Refrigeration & Energy Committee discussed various refrigeration and energy related topics effecting IARW warehouse members and the public refrigerated warehousing and logistics industry. MORE. 

WFLO Scientific Advisory Council Reports

Annual reports summarizing the latest research conducted by members of the council on the science behind food safety, packaging, and logistics. MORE