Who We Are

The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) is an international association representing all major industries engaged in temperature-controlled warehousing, logistics and transportation. GCCA unites all partners to be innovative leaders in the movement of perishable products globally.

Our vision is to establish a universally robust cold chain, ensuring the preservation of quality and safety throughout every link.

Our mission is to foster growth within the industry and attain a leadership position within the cold chain sector.
Rooted in the foundation of each of these core partner associations, our history dates back to 1891 for the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, 1994 for the International Refrigerated Transportation Association, and 1978 for the Controlled Environment Building Association.

In 2007, these organizations came together under the united umbrella organization, the Global Cold Chain Alliance, to serve as the focused voice of the cold chain industry, providing a platform for communication, networking and education for every link of the cold chain across the world.



GCCA advocacy efforts raise awareness about the challenges organizations face in the cold chain industry and promote policies that help make it easier and more efficient to store and deliver safe, consumable, temperature-controlled food across the globe.

Cold Chain

For those unfamiliar with the term, the cold chain refers to the precise temperature management of perishable products to maintain quality and safety – from the point of origin through the distribution chain to the final consumer. The Global Cold Chain Alliance is dedicated to the advancement of this vital industry.


Our Team

Meet our team of professionals that oversees all aspects of GCCA and supports your membership activities.

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Our Awards

Be inspired by excellence in the cold chain. Learn more about GCCA’s award programs that celebrate and recognize the best in the cold chain industry.

GCCA Global NextGen Award

The NextGen Award is a global award that recognizes outstanding young professionals in the global cold chain industry.

Don Schlimme Future Leader Award

The Don Schlimme Future Leader Award recognizes outstanding young professionals in the North American temperature-controlled warehousing industry.

Anthony M. Leo GCCF Scholarship

The Anthony M. Leo GCCF Scholarship is designed to support a third-party cold chain logistics industry employee to attend the GCCF Institute for the three year duration of the program.

Our Impact & Partners

In support of our critical mission, GCCA enlists members from the warehousing, transportation, and design/build sectors of the industry; and one research and education foundation to offer valuable relationships, resources, and recognition to our members.

Group 546

Controlled Environment Building

The Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA) represents and serves the cold storage construction industry.


GCCA Transportation

GCCA Transportation represents and serves the refrigerated transportation and logistics industry.


GCCA Warehouse

GCCA Warehouse represents and serves the temperature-controlled warehouse and logistics industry.

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Global Cold Chain Foundation

GCCF strengthens the global cold chain through education, research, and international development work.



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Annual Reports

View GCCA’s annual reporting information for present and previous years.

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Annual Report 2022

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Annual Report 2021

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GCCA represents 1,500 companies operating in 92 countries, serving the food industry through the provision of third-party, temperature-controlled supply chain services. Nearly 50% of these members are based outside of North America.

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