Global Cold Chain Alliance Strategic Partners are global food industry associations, government bodies, and trade press formally aligned with GCCA, who participate in information exchange, programs, or projects, and share common cold chain interests and objectives.

Organization Name
Air-Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration InstituteUNITED STATES
American Association of Port AuthoritiesUNITED STATES
American Frozen Food Institute UNITED STATES
American Meat Institute UNITED STATES
American Sheep Industry Association, Inc.UNITED STATES
Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and HeatingAUSTRALIA
British Frozen Food FederationUNITED KINGDOM
Council of Supply Chain Management ProfessionalsUNITED STATES
Food Logistics Commission of ChinaCHINA
Food Industry AssociationUNITED STATES
Grocery Manufacturers AssociationUNITED STATES
Guangdong Logistic Industry AssociationCHINA
Idaho Potato CommissionUNITED STATES
Institute of International Container LessorsUNITED STATES
International Cold Chain TechnologyUNITED KINGDOM
International Dairy Foods AssociationUNITED STATES
International Foodservice Distributors AssociationUNITED STATES
International Institute of Ammonia RefrigerationUNITED STATES
International Packaged Ice AssociationUNITED STATES
Meat Importers Council of AmericaUNITED STATES
National Association of Meat ProducersUKRAINE
National Chicken CouncilUNITED STATES
National Fisheries InstituteUNITED STATES
National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods AssociationUNITED STATES
National Refrigeration Association of MoldovaMOLDOVA
National Restaurant AssociationUNITED STATES
National Wooden Pallet and Container AssociationUNITED STATES
Northwest Food Processors Association UNITED STATES
Oregon Potato CommissionUNITED STATES
Produce Marketing AssociationUNITED STATES
Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians AssociationUNITED STATES
Swedish Trade CouncilINDIA
Transfrigoroute InternationalBELGIUM
United Fresh Produce AssociationUNITED STATES
United States Meat Export FederationUNITED STATES
United States Potato BoardUNITED STATES
University of Florida - CFDRUNITED STATES
University of StellenboschSOUTH AFRICA
USA Poultry & Egg Export CouncilUNITED STATES
Washington Apple CommissionUNITED STATES
Washington State Potato CommissionUNITED STATES