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Third Quarter Data Released for GCCA Cold Chain Index

The Cold Chain Index is a customizable rate builder template that warehouse members can use to provide justification to their customers during rate negotiations. The index tracks the growth rates of costs using sources of economic data along with actual expense classes from the IARW Productivity and Benchmarking tool.  The CCI is customized to the region and state where a warehouse...

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FSIS Expands PHIS Export Component, Invites Industry Testing

FSIS began implementing the Public Health Information System (PHIS) Export Component on June 29, 2018, with 16 countries, territories and dependencies (Phase I), and added 21 additional countries, territories, and dependencies on May 20, 2019 (Phase II). On January 27, 2020, FSIS will add China (Phase 3) to the PHIS Export Component. Information about this effort and the PHIS Export Component...

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Grupo Wiese and Frialsa México open storage and distribution center for refrigerated and frozen products

Grupo Wiese and Frialsa México open storage and distribution center for refrigerated and frozen products Located in Lurín, the new logistics center has an area of  20,000 m2 and enough positions to store up to 10,000 tons of merchandise. This modern infrastructure will allow the distribution center to serve companies in the sectors of retail, fishing, aquaculture, agro-export, and...

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EPA Publishes RMP Reconsideration Final Rule

On November 21st, the U.S. EPA issued the Final Rule for reconsideration of changes to the Risk Management Program.  The Final Rule comes in response to one of the last regulations finalized at the end of the Obama Administration that amended the RMP program and added requirements to regulated facilities related to third-party audits, safer technology analysis, information sharing and...

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FDA Hears From Certified Cold Carrier Program Participants

GCCA's Government and Legal Affairs program staff met with US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) principals in mid-November to review the industry best practices for FDA's Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STF) rule. International Refrigerated Transport Association (IRTA) members participated and provided first-hand experience and answered questions on implementing best...

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European Cold Chain Connection in Copenhagen

On 13 November 2019, GCCA European Director Julie Hanson held a successful Cold Chain Connection in Copenhagen, Denmark. The industry event organized in partnership with the Danish Cold Storage Association attracted over twenty decision makers of third-party temperature-controlled logistics providers from Scandinavia and neighboring countries.   The Cold Chain Connection program...

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Tippmann Innovation wins 2019 Built by the Best Award

Tippmann Innovation was named the recipient of the Controlled Environment Building Association’s (CEBA) Built by the Best Award for their Detroit, Michigan project with Wolverine Packing Co. The award was presented during the final general session of the 39TH CEBA Conference & Expo. Over 265 industry professionals participated in the event taking place this week in Miami, Florida. To...

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Advance Your Professional Development at WFLO Institute East or West

Register your team for the 56th WFLO Institute East and West! Sign your team up today to give them the world's best cold chain logistics training. The program focuses on cold chain management, customer service, employee safety, food safety, warehouse operations, and continuous improvement. There is no other training in the world like it! 

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The Emergence of 3PLS in Emerging Markets

The cold storage industry in most developed countries has evolved from vertically integrated cold chains to true third-party logistics (3PLs) companies, focusing on providing logistics services as a core business focus. The World Food Logistics Group (WFLO), a core partner of GCCA, delivers education and research to the industry and empowers economic development by strengthening the global cold...

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