The Global Cold Chain Alliance is made up of partners who are united by their effort to strengthen the global cold chain.


Core Partners

Core Partners are cold chain associations managed by the Global Cold Chain Alliance. Members of Core Partner organizations have direct access to GCCA services. Learn more about Core Partners


Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners are trade associations that pay an affiliation fee for access to GCCA services. Learn more about Affiliate Partners


Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are global food industry associations, government bodies, and trade press formally aligned with GCCA. Strategic Partners participate in information exchange, programs, or projects, and share common interests and objectives. Learn more about Strategic Partners


Service Partners/Providers

Service Partners offer an affinity program to GCCA members. Service Partners receive an official association platform for building and servicing member clientele in exchange for a revenue share allocated to the association. Service Providers offer GCCA members valuable services through formalized, special agreements.  Learn more about Service Partners/Providers