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New Refrigeration Technology Could Improve Energy Efficiency and Safety
Author: Laura Poko

Los Angeles Cold Storage has developed a technology called NXTCOLDTM to meet the need for employing the benefits of ammonia while negating the risks. The technology also promises to impact energy efficiency. The system controls evaporator liquid feed rate based on ammonia vapor quality within the evaporator. NXTCOLD features ERIC (Electronic Refrigerant Injection Control Technology), which is not based on superheat, gravity flooded or liquid overfeed designs. NXTCOLD systems use a very low ammonia charge (VLC) that is 98 percent less ammonia than many systems currently in operation. This system is somewhat safer because it requires fewer refrigerants and has a reduced risk of leaks and contamination, since the refrigerant is separate from the product. Finally, the system is fully automated and eliminates the need for an engine room as it is a complete self-contained ammonia refrigeration system. Read more in the July-August 2013 issue of COLD FACTS magazine. See how NXTCOLD handles an ammonia discharge. MORE

July 16, 2013


July August

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