Controlled Environment Fire Prevention: Using Oxygen Reduction Technology in the U.S. White Paper

The CEBA Construction/Codes Committee reviewed the  concept of reducing the concentration of oxygen within a controlled environment to a degree that life sustaining oxygen was lowered just enough to prevent fire from starting or spreading while continuing to support human life. The concept of using oxygen reduction technology for fire prevention had already been successfully implemented in Europe since 1998. In fact, members of CEBA had visited several sites in Europe utilizing the technology. They reported that while walking through the facilities, they felt fine, experienced no adverse effects during or after the visit in 2013. Many of the members wondered why this technology was not being used in the United States.

To help address their questions, the Construction/Codes Committee formed a Subcommittee with the following mission:

  1. Become informed on this alternative fire protection concept and learn how it works.
  2. Determine the viability of utilizing the concept in the USA and identify the obstacles, if any, for implementation
  3. Analyze the costs involved in comparison to the traditional fire sprinkler system generally required by building codes.


This White Paper was developed by the Subcommittee and approved for publication, August 2021.

Download the Controlled Environment Fire Prevention White Paper



CEBA and GCCA would like to acknowledge and thank Committee members and those who served on the subcommittee and contributed to this Whitepaper: Josh Currie, Fisher Construction Group, Scott Griffin, Griffco Design/Build, Inc., Daren Sealover, Graycor Construction, Frank Siedler, Wagner Fire Safety, Inc. , Fred Walker, Americold Logistics, Donald Wiginton, Wiginton Fire Systems


The associations would also like to thank René Barman with B-Built BV, a design/build firm based in the Netherlands and Gary Koltiar of Fire Pass Corporation of Germany for their review and input into the white paper with particular appreciation expressed to Frank Siedler of Wagner Group, GmbH and Peter Clauss, formerly with Wagner Group, GmbH for the time and energy they spent in clarifying our understanding of the science and how it is being implemented in Europe and developing internationally.

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