IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Tool and Executive Summary

Gain access to the only performance and benchmarking data for the temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry. The online benchmarking platform allows participants to compare their warehouse operations to others in the industry, evaluating their performance in valuable  KPI categories such as Labor Expenses, Power Expenses, Inventory Turns and Product Throughput.

*Note: Access to the online tool is only available to active members of the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, a Core Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance. Learn more about membership.

There are two ways to access this invaluable information: (1) Online Productivity and Benchmarking Tool (2) IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Executive Summary.


New in 2019!

IARW warehouse members can save time in 2019 with these new features.

  • Returning program participants now have the ability to import data from the previous year to update and approve, rather than inputting new data and starting from scratch.
  • Participants reporting on 10 or more facilities may be eligible to receive a customized spreadsheet to input new or update data recording from the previous year. The data may then be returned to be uploaded in to the system.  Contact benchmark@gcca.org for additional information and eligibility.

Start Benchmarking Your Warehouse

Step 1: Contact benchmark@gcca.org to create an account for your facility or be added as a user. If you are a returning user, Login to the online tool. If you cannot remember your password from last year, select ‘forgot password’ to be issued a new one.

Step 2: Report 2018 operational and financial information on your warehouse facilities using the secure, anonymous online tool. With a new feature, past participants have the time-saving option to import data from the previous year to review and save. Members are highly encouraged to input data during the annual premium period to receive greater benefits. The 2019 premium period will close April 30, 2019. Those participating after that date can purchase Premium Access to advanced filters for $299.00.

Step 3: Benchmark yourself against other cold storage warehouse facilities in the United States and Canada using valuable reporting tools (more countries coming soon!). Simply login to the system and click on "Compare by Question" or "Generate Reports" to access reporting tools. If you completed at least 50% of the survey during the annual premium period, you will get to use premium filters for even more insight into your facility’s performance.

If your company has more than 9 facilities participating in the program we can create a ‘peer cluster’ for you, which allows you to benchmark one of your facilities against the others.  This is a great internal tool that allows question-by-question comparisons and reports on a company-specific basis.

If your company has multiple warehouse facilities, an account for each has already been set up for you.  A single user can access multiple accounts with permissions.   Contact benchmark@gcca.org for assistance or to add users to your account(s).

Step 4: If you have completed at least 50% of the survey you can download the executive summary once it’s released to gain a comprehensive overview of the results of the survey data in an easy-to-understand narrative. This summary includes data from the hundreds of facilities across the United States and Canada that input data annually on the platform.


Two Levels of Benchmarking Access: Basic & Premium


The online platform is always open for IARW warehouse member participants to input data and benchmark their facilities with Basic Access. Participants who complete at least 50% of the survey during the annual premium period, which closes April 30, 2019, gain Premium Access.

Login Now

  • Basic Access

Allows you to enter your facility’s data, benchmark that data against all other facility participants, access reports, and utilize three filters:

  1. Warehouse Size (by feet3 / meters3)
  2. Warehouse Type (Production/Commodity vs. Distribution/Import Export)
  3. Warehouse Location: Region
  • Premium Access

The benefits of Basic Access plus the following additional filters to perform advanced data analytics:

  1. Region
  2. Warehouse Size (Cubic Feet)
  3. Warehouse Operations
  4. Warehouse Age
  5. Leased vs. Owned Warehouse
  6. Percentage of Case Pick
  7. Inventory Turns Per Year
  8. Percentage of storage by type of storage space (using 4 different types of storage options)

*Note: Access to the online tool is only available to active members of the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses. Learn more about membership.


Productivity & Benchmarking Executive Summary


In addition to the online platform, the IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Executive Summary provides a comprehensive overview of the results of the survey data in an easy-to-understand narrative. The report is an invaluable resource to help you better understand what the data means.


Online Tool participants can download the report free of charge once it's available, by logging in to the online tool and selecting "Generate Reports."


Non-participants may purchase the executive summary in the GCCA Online Store when it is available.




Program Costs


Online Tool (Basic)

Online Tool (Premium)

Executive Summary

Early Bird Participant

facility who entered data prior to August 1, 2018 

50% completion required

Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary


facility who entered data after August 1, 2018

50% completion required

Complimentary $299 USD Complimentary


any company who did not input data into the tool

N/A N/A $1,000 USD

**If you participated in the online tool before August 1, 2018, Premium Access has already been set up for you.  ​Contact benchmark@gcca.org with any issues.



Contact benchmark@gcca.org for questions regarding account creation, basic vs. premium access, or inputting data.

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