Public Refrigerated Warehouse Hazard Assessment Checklist

Why Implement a Hazard Assessment Checklist?


The Global Cold Chain Alliance’s (GCCA) Hazard Assessment Checklist is a tool designed for warehouse employees as well as safety professionals.  The Hazard Assessment checklist allows users to assess and identify potential hazards in 25 categories of risk.  In addition to the individual checklists, reference information and links are provided as supplementary information. The most common methods of controlling risk and/or exposures are depicted in the diagram below:



When implementing a Hazard Assessment program, the first step is to review any current inspection tools your company has implemented for comparison to the IARW Hazard Assessment Checklist.  If your existing tool identifies hazards not listed in this checklist, add your information to the assessment tool.

GCCA members may download the Checklist below. Please contact GCCA Manager, Research & Resources Kenna Lewis if you have any questions.  






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