Fire Safe Solar White Paper

Is solar safe? Misunderstanding and a lack of information amongst first responders, media, and the public have called the safety of solar systems into question. However, solar electric systems can be made safe for fire fighters to extinguish fires.

The IACSC-IARW Construction/Codes Committee published the Fire Safe Solar white paper to help members better understand best practices in installing and maintaining a fire-safe solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The white paper also helps members have educated conversations about solar PV system safety with their vendors and local first responders.


Download the Fire Safe Solar White Paper*

*Note: The paper is only available to members.

The subcommittee that authored and developed the white paper was led by HD Boesch, Mangan Renewables and consisted of: Curt Edmisten, MTC Logistics; Jason Fisher, HelioSage, LLC; John McIntosh, HelioPower, Inc.; Tom Millhoff, HelioPower, Inc.; Patrick Sahradnik, Hall’s Warehouse Corp.; and Bill Shevlin, Platinum Roofing, Inc.

The paper is followed by a “Checklist for Fire Safe Solar for Roof-top Solar Arrays” to help operators and contractors achieve proper roof layout. Rather than presenting standards, this white paper should serve as a tool to guide operators towards the “right” questions and “right” resources.

The paper was published in April 2014. For the most current information about best practices in solar installations, please consult with your contractor or solar specialists .

For additional information, contact IACSC at or +1 703 373 4300.