GCCA and coalitions partners representing food and agriculture recently sent a letter to the Department of Commerce, urging support for implementing trade policy initiatives proposed by the  President Export Council (PEC).  The letter highlights the need to strengthen trade policy to reverse the current decline in U.S. food and agricultural exports. In 2023, the U.S. is experiencing a nine percent decline in the value of U.S. food and agricultural exports, and a 16 percent decline in volume. The latest forecast by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the 2023 marketing year predicts a food and agriculture trade deficits of $17 billion, a stark contrast to the United States’ historical trade surplus in agricultural exports, averaging $12.5 billion over the past ten years.

GCCA and industry partners recommended the following Initiatives to strengthen U.S. food and agricultural trade:

  1. Increasing Collaboration on Diversifying the U.S. Agricultural Supply Chain by urging the Administration to develop recommendations to diversify sourcing and/or incentivize cost effective U.S. production of ingredients such as fertilizers, vitamins, and chemicals to maintain U.S. agricultural production.
  2. Establishing a Robust Agricultural Trade Agenda, comprising of a package of strategies including expanding domestic trade promotion programs, recommitting to comprehensive trade agreements where possible, and eliminating tariff and non-tariff trade barriers to enhance the ability of American producers to gain export market access and maintain competitiveness.
  3. Enforcing Existing Trade Agreements, including through strengthening the World Trade Organization dispute resolution process and enforcing all U.S. free trade agreements.
  4. Leading on International Sustainability and Climate Efforts by urging the U.S. government to coalesce around a unified message on agricultural sustainability that focuses on voluntary, incentive-based programs to support sustainable productivity growth; keeps food accessible; supports climate-smart agricultural practices and provides additional market opportunities.
Published Date

December 5, 2023


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