As part of its ongoing implementation of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA), the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) issued Final Rule on Demurrage and Detention Billing Requirements. The rule took effect on May 28, 2024, prompting the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (OCEMA) to file a petition requesting a 90-day extension of the effective date. On June 10th, the FMC published a Federal Register notice seeking input on the petition.

GCCA, along with over 50 other associations, has signed onto a coalition letter opposing OCEMA’s petition. The letter emphasizes:

  • Strong support for the Detention and Demurrage Billing Requirements Rule as integral to the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA).
  • Endorsement of efforts to enhance clarity and transparency in billing practices, consistent with the Commission’s Interpretive Rule.
  • Asserts that providers have already implemented systems for compliance.
  • Highlights potential marketplace disruption if the rule’s implementation is delayed.
  • Clarifies that the recent Commission clarification to the rule’s preamble does not alter the underlying Final Rule itself.

This coalition effort underscores industry-wide concerns about maintaining regulatory stability and transparency in maritime operations.

Published Date

July 8, 2024


Advocacy, Cold Chain Development, Government & Regulatory Affairs


United States


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