Built by the Best Award


Logo - CEBA Built by the BestThe Built by the Best Award acknowledges association members around the globe for their expertise and innovation in constructing, renovating and/or modernizing controlled environment buildings across the world. The award is open to project teams in all regions / continents comprised of Contractor/Design-Build companies and Processor/End-User/Warehouse/Third-Party Logistics companies that are association members. Any of these parties can submit an application. 

Buildings recognized with the Built by the Best Award seal represent some of the most innovative and complex facilities built around the globe according to the intricate, unique standards set forth by the controlled environment industry.  The award was created by the Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA), a Core Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). CEBA is now accepting applications for this year’s award program which offers a more streamlined application process and includes two awards recognizing the varied sizes of controlled environment buildings constructed throughout the cold chain worldwide.


2022 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 CEBA Built by the Best Award recipients:

  • Over $35MM Category: Griffco Design/Build, Inc. for the Americold Gatweway automated freezer facility project - Atlanta, GA, United Sate​s (Left photo). Pictured left to right: Doug Karmel, Vice President, Global Development & Construction at Americold, James Rogers, VP of Business Development, GCCA, Scott Griffin, President, Griffco Design/Build, Inc.
  • Under $35MM Category: Coldbox for the Confederation Freezers expansion project - Brantford, ON, Canada (Right photo). Pictured left to right: Marko Dzeletovich, Founder & CEO, Coldbox, Paul D'Agostino, Chief Operations Officer, Coldbox Builders, James Rogers, VP of Business Development, GCCA.


News & Updates

  • Click here to read the press release with project details
  • Coming soon: Project summaries and case studies profiled in GCCA's Cold Facts magazine


2022 Finalists

  • AM King for Mission Produce, Inc. food distribution facility - Laredo, TX, United States
  • Coldbox Builders for the Confederation Freezers expansion project - Brantford, ON, Canada (award recipient)
  • Fisher Construction Group for the Arctic Cold cold storage facility – Oxnard, CA, United States
  • Griffco Design/Build, Inc. for the Americold Gateway automated freezer facility project - Atlanta, GA, United Sate​s (award recipient)


2022 Honorable Mention

  • ESI Group for the Ben E. Keith Foods food distribution facility – New Brockton, AL, United States
  • Primus Builders for the Cold Summit Development cold storage facility – Dallas, TX, United Stages
  • Ryan Companies for the Kroger Co./Ocado automated grocery fulfillment center – Forest Park, GA, United States


2022 Judges

  • Zach  Norris, Vice President, Evans General Contracting
  • Rob Adams, Executive Vice President, Ti Cold
  • Burnie Taylor, Chief Development & Solutions Officer, Arcadia Cold Storage & Logistics
  • Mike  Lynch , Vice President of Engineering, US Cold Storage
  • Charles Woolley, Manager, Controlled Environment Systems
  • Rob Brodsky, Senior Vice President, Stellar


2022 Award Updates


Submitting an Application



 Award Eligibility

  • This award is open to project teams in any country comprised of Contractor/Design-Build companies and Processor/End-User/Warehouse/Third-Party Logistics companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Contractor or design-build company must be a CEBA member in any region. Processor/End User/Warehouse/Third-Party Logistics company does not need to be a member.

  • Representative from customer company (processor, end-user, warehouse, etc.) is preferred during presentation alongside contractor or design/build company at annual CEBA Conference & Expo. Award candidates that are not able to present at the conference with members from both sides of the project may be disqualified from winning. If your company has restricted travel due to COVID, please contact Katie Sastre (ksastre@gcca.org) for options.

  • Building must maintain a controlled environment.

  • Teams must have completed a new build or expansion within the timeframe of January 1,  2022 - March 31, 2023.

  • Submission must be received by the submission deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

  • Project must have been completed on or ahead of schedule.

Submission Deadline

  • Project teams must complete the application process within the submission period.  No late applications will be accepted.
  • Submission Deadline: TBD 2023

Application Process & Requirements

Judging Process

  • Applications will be assessed during a formal scorecard review process conducted by the Selection Panel (made up of members of the CEBA Business Development & Marketing Committee).             


If you have questions about the award, submission process, or anything else related to the CEBA Built by the Best Award, please contact ksastre@gcca.org