The California State Assembly has recently passed the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (SB 253).  If passed into law, it would require California businesses that exceed an annual revenue of $1 billion to report “certain greenhouse gas emissions” starting in 2026.  This includes emissions caused by sources the company “directly controls regardless of location”, indirect emissions from electricity, heating, and/or cooling, and emissions from sources the company does not directly control, like “purchased goods, business travel, employee commutes, and sold products”.  The Chamber of Commerce co-authored a letter with multiple other California businesses strongly opposed this legislation, explaining how companies would have to pay an expected $600,000 per emissions disclosure, which would make it extremely difficult for small and medium sized businesses to comply.  It is also unclear whether Newsom will support the bill; as the legislation would put California over its spending plan, which had to undergo substantial decreases due to inflation and slowing revenue.

Published Date

September 18, 2023


Government & Regulatory Affairs, Sustainability


United States


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