Congress is back in session after the August recess and returns to a very full agenda.  One of the top priorities will be dealing with funding for the federal government. The House and Senate face a government shutdown deadline of September 30th with none of the 12 appropriations bills completed. President Biden has formally requested that Congress pass a short-term continuing resolution. House Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) have signaled agreement for passing a continuing resolution keeping the Federal Government funded at the current levels, however, some House Republicans are pushing for a resolution that cuts federal spending and addresses border security issues.  At the same time, both chambers will continue to work on appropriations bills. It is expected that the agriculture and military construction/veteran’s affairs appropriations bills will be among the first to receive floor consideration.

In addition to funding, the Senate and House are gearing up to consider a series of legislation in their chambers. With the current Farm Bill authorities expiring at the end of September, agriculture committee leaders have indicated a short-term extension will likely be needed as the agriculture committees continue drafting. Other authorities set to expire on September 30th include the Federal Aviation Administration, pandemic, and other health programs. Schumer has also stated that the Senate will take up legislation addressing rail-safety bills, online safety, and AI threats.  The House is expected to advance a series of tax legislation, which would among other things restore businesses tax expenses passed in 2017 (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), and reverse Democrat’s EV tax credits passed in 2022.

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September 11, 2023


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