The Québec Minister of the Environment has presented Bill 41, An Act to enact the Act respecting the environmental performance of buildings and to amend various provisions regarding energy transition. The bills intends to:

  • grant the power to establish standards for the environmental performance of buildings, for example standards to be respected when carrying out construction, renovation or demolition work on a building or environmental performance ratings to be achieved by the buildings;
  • grant the government the power to determine which buildings should be assigned an environmental performance rating;
  • provide for the keeping of a public register of the environmental performance of buildings as well as an obligation to display and disclose the rating obtained by a building;
  • provide for the merger of the Energy Transition Master Plan with the Plan for a Green Economy 2030, the two main levers of action in terms of climate and energy transition in Quebec, both now under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment.


One of the objectives is to measure the environmental performance of buildings, with a progressive strengthening of minimum performance standards over the years. Another is to achieve significant energy savings, which will lighten the load on the Hydro-Québec network during peak periods.

Published Date

December 5, 2023


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