GCCA membership in Latin America spans 21 countries with strategic presences in Guatemala and Brazil. GCCA Latin America offers technical resources in Spanish and Portuguese, including an annual educational cold storage training program in Spanish.


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GCCA’s Lowell Randel Teaches Best Practices to Drivers in the Dominican Republic

Since 2015, GCCA has worked with the USDA-funded Exporting Quality and Safety (EQS) Program to help grow the cold chain. The project has led to several activities including a cold chain assessment, consultations, and presentations. Most recently, GCCA Vice President of Government & Legal Affairs Lowell Randel flew to the capital of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where he led two...

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GCCA Latin America Delegation Visits Hanson Logistics

GCCA Latin America delegation visits Hanson Logistics During the 2016 Global Cold Chain Expo, Hanson Logistics - Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) member - hosted 34 members from Latin America for a tour of their cold storage facility in Hobart, Indiana on Monday, June 20.  The international delegation thoroughly enjoyed learning more about how the building was constructed and how the building...

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GCCA Sends Team of Experts to Dominican Republic to Complete Cold Chain Assessment

GCCA supports the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) on the USDA-funded Exporting Quality and Safety Program (EQS). The program provides technical assistance to increase productivity and sales for domestic and export markets of high-value fruit and vegetable global value chains in the Dominican Republic (DR). From July 18-29, 2016, GCCA sent a team of experts to complete a cold chain...

Cold Chain Projects

GCCA Involvement in Dominican Republic Leads to Fruit and Vegetable Export Conference
GCCA was active in the Dominican Republic in 2017. As a result of GCCA’s involvement in the region, the Miami International Airport (MIA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) held a fruit and vegetable export conference in Santo Domingo in August, focusing on explaining and addressing questions related to the regulations and operations of the exportation of fruits and vegetables to the United States. GCCA was excited to support EQS and MIA with this great opportunity to develop cold chain capacity in the Dominican Republic.

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