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Taking GCCA Africa to the Next Level
GCCA onboards new Africa Director Paul Matthew and finalizes Conference plans.

With a strong board, growing membership and events and a new director joining the team in May, GCCA Africa is positioned to go from strength to strength. Cold Facts caught up with the team to hear the exciting plans and opportunities ahead for this fascinating, challenging and opportunity-filled region in the cold chain world.

New Leadership

Paul Matthew started work as the new GCCA Africa Director on May 3. He joined GCCA after nearly six years as the Chief Executive of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters in South Africa, and before that, he spent eight years building a humanitarian program tackling epidemic disease in the African road haulage sector.

Chris Creed, Chief Executive of Vector Logistics and Chairman of the GCCA Africa Council, said, “We are delighted to have recruited Paul; he brings exactly the right mix of experience in advocacy, engagement and entrepreneurialism that will help us take our organization to the next level.”

A Strong Foundation

Matthew takes on the leadership role of an organization with an active, committed and growing membership. The council and committees have been hard at work reviewing and setting policies to help shape and lead the African cold chain.

Adam Thocher, leading the GCCA’s International Membership program, underscores the value of collaboration among our African members. He says, “Their active participation in the Africa Council and two committees is a testament to our shared commitment to finding solutions to key issues, particularly in the areas of employee and food safety.”

Matthew’s immediate priority will be finalizing the program and details of the African Cold Chain Conference, which will take place at The Westin, Cape Town, South Africa, from 22 to 23 August. Thocher explains, “Bringing members together to learn and make connections is what GCCA does best, and our fast-growing Africa conference is something we are extremely proud of.”

Speaking Up for the Cold Chain

Providing a voice for the cold chain in the places where decisions are made is a core strategic priority. GCCA has been investing in the people and resources necessary to do this job more effectively in more places worldwide.

In Paul Matthew, GCCA has recruited a leader experienced in building relationships and speaking out for the industry. He says, “There is so much governments can do to help us grow the cold chain across the African continent. But there is also so much they can do to get in the way of us being able to do that. We can’t assume they know this or will make the right decisions if we don’t participate in the conversation.”


June 23, 2024


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