GCCA Membership

GCCA is an umbrella organization which acts as the platform for communication, networking and education for every sector of the cold chain. GCCA is comprised of four Core Partners:



IARW: International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses


IRTA: International Refrigerated Transportation Association


WFLO: World Food Logistics Organization

CEBA: Controlled Environment Building Association

Membership provides industry marketing and exposure, a wide array of networking opportunities, serves as an educational and training resource and offers access to domestic/international market data. Use the resources below to learn more about membership.

Member Types

GCCA members come from four main branches of the cold chain: temperature-controlled warehousing & logistics, refrigerated transportation, controlled environment construction, and international development. Learn about the different types of membership associated with the sector your company represents.



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Please contact Alice McKinnon, Director of Membership & International Programs, at amckinnon@gcca.org or +1 703 373 4300 for questions about membership.