The Global Cold Chain Alliance is proud to announce our new initiative to provide a structured platform for food banks, food pantries, and those working within the food redistribution/food maximization community to connect with the expertise and network of the perishable logistics industry.

GCCA is offering a free membership for these groups. This membership will enable:

  • Access to resources on appropriate perishable commodity storage temperatures and handling, sanitary transportation, and warehouse and energy efficiency.
  • Ability to ask questions to our Scientific Advisory Council, a panel of experts covering all technical needs of the temperature control industry.
  • Connection to the GCCA network of refrigerated warehouses, transportation assets, design build and refrigeration firms.

To sign up for this free membership, please fill out the information below:

Submitter's Name
Organization Address
Size of Facility Units
Affiliation, if any, with GFN, Feeding America, European Food Banks Federation (FEBA), or other


The Global Cold Chain Alliance is committed to reducing food loss and waste and increasing access to safe, quality food by forging a universally strong cold chain. GCCA is partnering with the Global FoodBanking Network and Feeding America to promote these efforts, as well as Advising Members.

Advising Members to this Initiative include:

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To learn more about GCCA’s Food Maximization Membership and Benefits, please contact Amanda Brondy, Vice President of International Projects, at