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April 11, 2024 (Brussels, Belgium) The voice of the cold chain will be heard and included in decision-making across a range of vital issues that face the future of the European Union. That is the shared ambition of a group of national and international trade associations, who have published a Call to Action before this year’s European Parliamentary elections.

Group of National and International Trade Associations

Organisations representing well over 5,000 European logistics companies have issued this call. They set out how food, pharmaceutical, and horticultural supply chains have proved resilient despite unprecedented challenges—pandemic, war, energy shortage, and price inflation.

Using the call to action, the partners will coordinate to ensure that politicians and policymakers recognise the vital and specific role that refrigerated warehousing and transport play in underpinning the European economy and way of life and understand how their decisions can ensure the cold chain continues to succeed in the years ahead.

GCCA is joined in this initiative by 9 other European and International Organisations, including Asociacion de Explotaciones Frigorficas Logisticas y Distribucion de Espana (SPAIN), BE Cold (BELGIUM), European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (EUROPE), Greek Cold Storage and Logistics Association (GREECE), La Chaine Logistique Du Froid (FRANCE), Schweiz Verband Für Kühl- Und Tiefkühl-Logistik (SWITZERLAND), Transfrigoroute International (EUROPE), Verband Deutscher Kuehlhaeuser & Kühllogistikunternehmen (GERMANY), and Vereniging Van Nederlandse Koel- En Vrieshuize (THE NETHERLANDS)

GCCA Director of Europe Julie Hanson said: “The cold chain is vital to our European economy and way of life. In recent years, we have proved just how resilient our sector is. Storage and transportation professionals ensured Europeans were fed during the pandemic and the energy crisis. During this time, policymakers have realised they can’t take supply chains for granted. Our call to action shows how they can support future success and resilience in our perishable goods supply chains.

“As we look to the challenges and opportunities ahead for the European economy, like future trade policy, the green transition, or the advances of artificial intelligence, we will show how vital well-resourced and regulated supply chains are. We look forward to playing our part with others to ensure that the cold chain’s voice is heard.

The document ‘Delivering a Sustainable, Resilient Perishable Goods Supply Chain’ sets out four key priorities for Europe for which a successful cold chain will play a vital role:
• Supporting a resilient and sustainable food system
• Thriving in a decarbonised European energy system
• Enabling trade and economic growth
• Providing jobs for today and tomorrow
It contains a series of policy proposals underpinning each of these themes, and the supporting associations will use this statement as a basis for engaging with MEPs and officials throughout the election period and in the new European Parliament.

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April 11, 2024


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