We are happy to present a review of the companies that joined GCCA in 2023 in Europe. You can also look them up in our online directory. Join us in celebrating the 2023 new members!

Brunel European Ltd.
Brunel European is a specialist European and road freight services forwarding company, with the ability to offer road and rail logistics services to or from any accessible destination. Utilising a combined wealth of over 40 years’ experience in the European market, we provide a door to door service to all major destinations via a carefully chosen network of independent approved suppliers and overseas partners. We pride ourselves on our approach to our customers which, combined with our commitment to client satisfaction, allows us to deal with all sorts of people from the smallest of independent companies with overseas trade to major blue chip companies with the same personal touch.

Cold Store Gdansk
Cold Store Gdansk was built in year 2014 at the entrance to the inner Port of Gdansk, a strategic location in the international transport hub of the pan-European transport network TEN-T in the proximity of the biggest container terminal in the region, the Baltic Hub. The warehouse has a storage capacity of up to 30,000 pallets. Thanks to the advanced construction and dedicated technology, we ensure full traceability of the stored cargo. Our service range also includes value added services, cargo intake/outtake operations on trucks, containers and reefer vessels thanks to our direct access to the quay.

Cold Store Gdansk is compliant with a comprehensive set of quality standards IFS Logistics, BRCGS S&D, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SMETA and MSC/ASC Chain of Custody. A Veterinary Border Inspection Post is located in the facility. The location in the Duty Free Zone in the Port of Gdansk ensures conditions for optimization of customs and fiscal costs.
“Being a part of GCCA is an opportunity to deliver top quality services to our customers and develop new partnerships worldwide. GCCA came across as a great platform to share the experience between professionals…. We are optimistic and open. „In cold we trust”!, declares Maciej Kisiel CEO of COLDTRORE GDANSK.

FreezeTeq is a specialist in spacers founded in 1985 in Denmark. Due to the unique open profile design and high quality, FreezeTeq’s spacers have participated in setting standards within the freezing and thawing industry. We have contributed to improved freezing efficiency in all types and sizes of food processing companies around the world. Our main objective is to improve freezing- and thawing efficiency and thus to reduce the industrial carbon footprint in freezing processes worldwide. A positive side effect of this purpose is a reduction in energy costs for our customers. We commit to our purpose by continuously working to develop sustainable solutions and sharing our knowledge with the industry along the way. At FreezeTeq we strive to be your go-to freezer spacer supplier.

Group-GTS, a family owned Belgian company, is a 4-PL solution provider active in transport (container, conventional & multimodal) & logistics.
Having a strong connection in all the European major ports, we have the ability to provide our customers with tailormade solutions, immediately benefitting their business and supply chain. With focus on innovation & operational excellence, Group GTS delivers high quality in a cost-efficient way. Your business, our drive!
joining an international network with focus on cold chain to increase knowledge and exposure. Steffen Hansen, Business Unit Manager Cold Chain, comments: “We were keen to join an international network with a focus on cold chain to increase knowledge and exposure.”

NCK Europe
NCK Europe B.V. is the exclusive distributor for a sun-reflective coating named Adgreencoat®. When applied on the roof or facades, Adgreencoat® keeps the interior cooler, meaning that less energy is needed for active cooling. Less energy demand means a lower energy bill and a positive influence on CO₂ emissions. Adgreencoat® is highly sustainable, as it stays highly reflective for at least 10 years (measured in practice: retention value after 10 years > 90% ! – measured at one of the first projects where Adgreencoat® has been applied: Tokyo area, Japan). The ROI is between 1,5 to 5 years, all depending on which part of the world it is applied. Paul van Deijl, Owner, explains the reasons for joining GCCA: “I believe we can make a significant difference in energy consumption for many companies in the cold chain and GCCA is the perfect fit to get the word out about this amazing, yet quite “simple”, solution. With NCK, we aim to make the greatest possible impact for the next generations.”

Zudek is an Italian provider of Solutions for Industrial Refrigeration and not only. The company was founded in 1990 by Alessandro and Alfredo Zudek and since then they’re still fully involved in all the activities, from the R&D to the Operations and more. They explain: “Since we had to do business in Cold Storage applications, we have been able to provide solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and the energy bill of our clients so, in our opinion, there is no better place to share these experiences than GCCA.” Zudek has been a pioneer in the exclusive use of natural refrigerants and, for its Solutions, it’s using mainly Ammonia and, in some cases, CO2 as refrigerants. Zudek provides packaged Solutions for Low Charge Ammonia compression chillers, Ammonia absorption chillers and last but not least, Solutions for the purification and liquefaction of CO2 up to food grade level.


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December 20, 2023


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