It has been just over a year since the launch of the Food Maximization Initiative. This initiative was inspired by the work many GCCA members are already doing in their communities to support food rescue efforts and enhance food security. GCCF has been coordinating efforts to achieve three objectives:

  1. Support food rescue groups by increasing their access to GCCA’s resources and network;
  2. Alleviate the barriers that prevent GCCA members from donating food that would otherwise go to waste; and
  3. Increase awareness within the membership of the problems caused by food loss and waste and potential solutions.

After completing a needs assessment, GCCF launched the effort in September 2022 with a free membership for food rescue organizations. As 2023 closes out, we have 45 food rescue members. We have facilitated connections between members in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, working in close collaboration with the Global Foodbanking Network. We have also incorporated food loss and waste information session and volunteerism into many of international events.

In 2024, GCCF will continue to build out this initiative, with a focus on training. In January, GCCF will collaborate with GFN on deliver a webinar on Cold Chain 101 for new and upcoming food banks seeking to invest in or grow their access to refrigerated storage. Feeding America attending the Cold Chain Institute to identify courses relevant to food rescue organizations that will help GCCF identify and deliver relevant content. GCCF has submitted for two grants to enable the program to grow. If you are interested in participate in any of these efforts, please contact Amanda Brondy.

Published Date

December 11, 2023


Cold Chain Development, Food Loss & Waste, International


Africa, Asia-Pacific, Canada, Central & South America, Mexico, United States


Global Cold Chain Foundation