On April 16th, Chairman Glenn Thompson authored an op-ed that was published in AgriPulse expressing that before Memorial Day, the House Committee on Agriculture plans to consider a farm bill addressing various crises, constituent needs, rural community issues, and economic demands. A key focus of the Chairman’s article is enhancing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to support families that have been previously overlooked. Thompson suggests using the Thrifty Food Plan (TFP) as a metric for determining SNAP benefits, with updates mandated every five years based on current food prices and consumption patterns.

Chairman Thompson reaffirmed that the bill would not cut, decrease, or impact SNAP benefits or eligibility. The 2024 Farm Bill aims to reassert Congressional intent by prescribing a cost-neutral process while updating SNAP benefits annually for inflation and aiming to invest in priorities such as expanding access to SNAP, updating work programs, modernizing food distribution, and promoting healthy eating and behaviors.

In addition to nutrition policy, it is expected that Chairman Thompson will work to strengthen the farm safety net. GCCA continues to work closely with the committee and FRIDGE Act cosponsors to promote its inclusion in the Farm Bill.

Published Date

April 21, 2024