We are excited to welcome back for his second year as GCCA Transportation Chairman, Don Durm. Don has exhibited his leadership through his work as the Vice President of Strategic Customer Solutions at PLM Trailer Leasing since 1995. He has been instrumental to GCCA as a member of the Transportation Board for 8 years, serving as chairman for the board from January 2023 to December 2024. Don is an active member of the GCCA government affairs committee. His expertise and leadership have helped shape numerous GCCA programs and initiatives including the development of the Refrigerated Best Practices Guide which has led to the creation of the Certified Cold Carrier Program.

Durm is an expert in cold chain operations and is known for his work on supply chain efficiencies and regulatory compliance. In addition to his role at PLM, Don is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, sharing his expertise and insights on supply chain management and regulatory compliance. Don has provided virtual training on Sanitary Transportation for projects in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Alongside his expertise and enthusiasm to share, Don is an ambitious, industrious and energetic leader, able to motivate any team. He has been recognized by the Food Logistics Magazine as one of the Rock Stars of the Supply Chain due to his active engagement with the industry. Among his many professional qualities Don also has a contagious energy and passion which inspires those around him. GCCA could not be prouder to have an individual such as Don working to sustain and improve the cold chain industry with fervor and commitment to GCCA’s values and mission.

Published Date

February 5, 2024