In February, WFLO was awarded its third new project of 2022 to conduct a cold chain feasibility study in Ghana, funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). USTDA has partnered with GCCA member FreezeLink to deploy temperature-controlled logistics infrastructure in the country.

This project will prepare a phased development plan for a network of cold chain facilities to promote the movement of perishable products. Such products will include imported U.S. agricultural products and pharmaceuticals into the Ghanaian market and storage opportunities for domestic export and re-exports, offering an opportunity for U.S.-based supplier members to engage with the project.


GCCA is looking for U.S.-based supplier member companies interested in learning more about the market and making connections in Sub-Saharan Africa. Qualifying organizations are any US-based equipment, tools, and technology providers utilized in the construction, engineering, and operation of a cold storage facility; and/or suppliers who have worked with the US Export Import Bank to facilitate sales.

“This is a great moment for Ghana and West Africa” said Mr. Owusu Akoto, Chief Executive Officer of FreezeLink. “Almost two-thirds of our fresh fruit and vegetables spoil before reaching consumers and, as we know, 25% of liquid vaccines spoil globally – primarily because of broken cold chains. These facts impoverish our farmers, affect our health and waste our environmental resources. By supporting the deployment of best-in-class U.S. cold chain infrastructure and services here in Ghana, this USTDA study will improve health, wealth and environment sustainability in our country, making this is special day – not only for Ghana but for the countries in our region that we serve as a trading hub” (USTDA, 2021).

WFLO is partnering with a team of local and international experts from GCCA member LixCap, Sory@Law, West African Coastal and Marine Engineering Services (WACAMS), and Maverick Research and Consultant, as well as several GCCA Technical Experts. A team will travel to Accra in April and May 2022 to meet with cold chain stakeholders to better understand the existing and planned cold chain infrastructure, as well as areas for development and investment.

Please reach out to Amanda Brondy, Senior Director of International Projects, at for more information on this and other international projects.

Published Date

March 8, 2022