Speakers: GCCA Staff Member Jenna Campbell, Pete DiSanto, Nick Casas, and Sharon Rice of Enchanted Rock.

Original Air Date: November 16, 2023

What happens when a cold storage facility loses power?

Join leading professionals responsible for ensuring cold storage reliable power, with real world experience in the workings of cold storage facilities and power reliability during power outages.

From protecting perishable goods to ensuring that pharmaceuticals maintain their efficacy, cold storage solutions are integral to countless industries. However, with the rise in power outages and grid instabilities, how can organizations ensure uninterrupted power to their cold storage facilities when the average time to restore power to 90% of customers ranges from 17 hours to 87 days. With the increasing length and complexity of outages, gone are the days of simply shutting the doors during an outage.


Controlled Environment Building, GCCA Warehouse