The Guest Lecture Program is designed to help industry leaders increase awareness of the cold chain logistics industry and attract new talent to the industry. If you’re interested in presenting the Guest Lecture at your local high school, technical school, college, or university, utilize the tools below to put your best foot forward on behalf of the industry.
If you’re interested in giving the Guest Lecture, check out the resources below. If you’ve already given one, or plan to, contact Catharine Perry at and let us know!
What is the Guest Lecture Program?

A 30-minute presentation developed by industry experts.
Designed to provide the basics and demonstrate why cold chain logistics is a viable career opportunity to consider as a high school or college graduate.
Customizable, allowing you to share your personal experience.
Can be used at high schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities.

Benefits in Brief

Educate future consumers about the importance of the cold chain to our lives.
Attract new talent to our industry.
Encourage teachers and professors to include the cold supply chain in their teaching curriculum.

Download These Presenter Tools:

Guest Lecture Program presentation
Sample letter to professors and deans – Personalize this letter and send it to professors and deans at institutions where you would like to present the Guest Lecture Program.
Pre/Post-Lecture Checklist

For questions, please contact:
Catharine Perry
Vice President of Member Programs & Services
+1 703 373 4307