JL-225pxwGCCA has formed a special relationship with the law firm Jackson Lewis. Jackson Lewis is exclusively dedicated to representing management in workplace law. The firm’s wide range of specialized areas of practice provides the resources to address every aspect of the employer/employee relationship. Jackson Lewis has a wide range of specialized practice areas. Through this special relationship, Jackson Lewis lawyers will aid members in understanding if they need legal assistance with labor and employment issues at no cost. Jackson Lewis offers GCCA members a 5% discount off its standard hourly rates for new clients who wish to retain them.  For more information about Jackson Lewis and its GCCA preferred rates, please contact David Mohl.

Employment Law Inquiry Service

If you would like to discuss a labor or employment issue with a Jackson Lewis representative, please use the Jackson Lewis Inquiry Form. Your request will be submitted directly to Jackson Lewis. You may also call Jackson Lewis at +1 703 483 8335.

OSHA Law Blog

Be sure to stay up to date on workplace safety and health-related legal news and information by subscribing to Jackson Lewis’ OSHA Law Blog!  You can do so by clicking here, and then the “Subscribe” tab at the top of the page.  Jackson Lewis also has many other labor and employment blogs that you may be interested in subscribing too.  You can do so by clicking here.

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You can also sign up for Jackson Lewis’ Workplace Safety & Health Weekly Update newsletter by clicking here and filling out the form.  Then select “Workplace Safety and Health Weekly Update” under the “Newsletters by Topic” section (be sure to select any other newsletters or areas of workplace law you’re interested in, as well!).  You can view past issues of the newsletter by clicking here.  They are listed along the left column of the page.

Workplace Resource Center

Get the latest news and resources from Jackson Lewis in their Workplace Resource Center.


If you have questions about the legal services that Jackson Lewis can provide, please feel free to reach out to Brad Hammock at +1 703 483 8320.