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Refrigeration is arguably one of the most critical issues in the refrigerated warehousing and logistics industry. Temperature-controlled facilities are cooled by advanced refrigeration systems that use refrigerants such as Ammonia, Freon, or Carbon Dioxide. The combined cost for plant utilities, plant maintenance, and the engine room is the second highest cost for a temperature-controlled facility, second only to labor costs. The member-only resources below are designed to help members understand and maximize their refrigeration system.



Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide
IARW and Cascade Energy, Inc. collaborated to publish this special edition of Cascade Energy’s popular Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide. The guide provides an overview of refrigeration best practices, refrigeration system basics, and strategies to decrease your energy usage. Available only in hard copy. Warehouse members are entitled to one complimentary copy. Copies may be purchased from the online store.

Low Ammonia Charge Refrigeration Systems for Cold Storage White Paper
Learn about viable alternatives to the high ammonia charge pumped recirculated liquid system typical found in most temperature-controlled facilities.

Dealing with an Ammonia Spill

An ammonia release can present a dangerous and costly peril to the cold storage industry. Proper planning and effective management, however, can make the difference between an emergency that can injure employees or take lives and cost millions of dollars and one that produces only temporary inconvenience. Over many years, considerable information about ammonia refrigeration systems and methods used to deal with ammonia releases have been developed and/or gathered by GCCA) and its Core Partners. The white paper Dealing with an Ammonia Spill was developed to summarize portions of that body of information.

Ammonia Emergency Response Checklist

When an Ammonia spill occurs, the four top priorities are life safety, controlling/containing/stopping the leak, environmental safety, and business/financial recovery. GCCA members may download the Ammonia Emergency Response Checklist to ensure that all necessary steps are taken when responding to an Ammonia spill.




IARW-IACSC Refrigeration and Energy Committee
The Refrigeration and Energy Committee provides guidance to maximize efficient, effective, reliable, safe and economical refrigeration.

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