In the Middle East, GCCA works closely with cold chain companies involved in international trade and provides assistance with best practices that meet international standards. GCCA membership in the Middle East spans 10 countries.


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Cold Chain Connection - Dubai

January 10, 2019

Cold Chain Connections are educational and networking breakfasts/luncheons for senior level cold chain professionals, hosted by GCCA. These dynamic events bring together small groups (15-25) of professionals in cities around the world for focused, high-quality discussions.    Agenda Activity Time Lunch &...

Cold Chain Projects

GCCA Provides Cold Chain Solutions in Uzbekistan
In 2017, GCCA continued its support of cold storage in Uzbekistan, a country that has witnessed substantial growth in refrigerated warehouse capacity from only 258,000 cubic meters in 2010 to 3.5 million cubic meters in 2016. Building off this work, GCCA was invited by the USAID-funded Competitiveness, Trade, and Jobs (CTJ) project to provide solutions to enhance the capacity and understanding of the cold chain in Central Asia. To complete this assignment, GCCA Vice President of International Programs Richard Tracy traveled to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan with Technical Experts Dick Dowdell and Brian Fox to meet with cold chain stakeholders, and assess current capacity. The report for the CTJ project is in progress now, but overall, training and education were determined to be the major needs. With the nearby markets of Russia and China importing horticulture produce, Central Asia has great potential to follow the lead of Uzbekistan and increase its capacity to maintain the cold chain.

Regional Contacts

Alice McKinnon
Director of Membership & International Programs
241 18th Street South, Suite 620, Arlington, Virginia, United States

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