In support of the USDA Bangladesh Trade and Facilitation Project, GCCF sent Dr. Elhadi Yahia to provide technical assistance to Bangladeshi companies. For this activity, GCCF observed postharvest practices and provided recommendations for improved handling for potatoes, onions, carrots, banana, chili peppers, dates, garlic, ginger, mangoes, and pumpkins. As Postharvest Technologies and Tropical Produce Expert on the Council of Scientific Advisors, Dr. Yahia is uniquely qualified to provide detailed and hands on support to operators handling fresh fruit and vegetables in Bangladesh. 

Broadly, additional training will be required to optimize postharvest handling to reduce food loss and waste. The value chain of perishable commodities is very disintegrated, with little or no integration between production, transport, storage, marketing, export, and import. Proper precooling (room cooling, fast-air cooling, hydro-cooling, use of ice, and/or vacuum cooling) is not used for any of the perishable commodities observed under this activity. 

GCCF recommends additional training and consultations with many companies involved in the value chain to improve integration between the sectors and promote collaboration. GCCF will also work with the project to promote proper precooling, especially forced-air cooling and hydro-cooling, for crops such as carrots, melons, mangoes, and others in need of this type of cooling.

Published Date

July 3, 2024


Cold Chain Development, Education




Global Cold Chain Foundation