The Georgia Agriculture Project, which GCCF supported since 2019, has closed. GCCF participated in the Georgia Agriculture Program from 2018-2023 emphasizing association development, and training on relevant postharvest, logistics, and cold chain activities. With a focus on enhancing storage, transportation, and distribution systems for perishable goods, Georgia has made remarkable strides in improving its cold chain infrastructure. This extends the shelf life of agricultural products enabling them to reach international markets with higher quality and freshness while also providing domestic consumers with access to nutritious and fresh food year-round. The robust cold chain network also reduces food loss and waste as the efficient handling and preservation of perishable goods minimizes spoilage and maximizes utilization. The successful development of Georgia’s cold chain infrastructure stands as a testament to both the public and private sector’s commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and the economic and social benefits that come with it.

Georgia’s future for cold chain development will see investments into frozen capacity, expanding the country’s ability to export fresh and frozen product. In addition, while Georgian cold storage owners are primarily fresh fruit and vegetable traders storing their own products, the emergence of third-party logistics (3PL) providers will signify a shift to a more sophisticated cold chain market as this indicates the presence of temperature-controlled logistics specialists who will handle product more efficiently.

After the conclusion of the Georgia Agriculture Program, GCCF will continue to support cold chain development through an affiliation with the Georgia Cold Storage and Logistics Association (GCSLA). By providing access to GCCA/GCCF resources, facilitating connections, and hosting regular meetings with GCCA headquarters and the European office, GCSLA can demonstrate to the members and prospective members the valuable educational and networking opportunities that an association provides. Additionally, GCCF has offered to host the materials developed under the Georgia Agriculture Program on our Cold Chain eCampus, which can be accessed by members of the GCSLA.

Published Date

September 5, 2023


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