In January 2022, WFLO signed contracts with GCCA member LixCap to provide technical support to ensure the safe and commercially viable operation of temperature-controlled facilities in Benin and Burundi. The team is focused on delivering a concept design for state-funded cold chain facilities and design and tender documentation for the facilities.

GCCA was requested by the governments in both countries to develop preliminary designs for the projects. They will be supported by GCCA technical experts Richard Dowdell and Manuel Cabrera Kabana.

CEBA member CT-Technologies was awarded the contract to build the cold storage facility in the airport of Bujumbura, Burundi, in December 2021. In Benin, the client PACOFIDE will soon launch a tender process for the conditioning facility in the Grand Nokoué wholesale market. This tender process directly follows the successful cold chain rapid response and strategy developed by the consortium.

These World Bank-funded projects mark WFLO’s first two awards of 2022.

If you are interested in learning more about the Grand Nokoué wholesale market, contact Amanda Brondy, Senior Director of International Projects at Read about our other International Projects here.

Published Date

January 27, 2022