In this Whitepaper, “Cold Storage Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration Systems,” learn how carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration systems, increasingly, are providing refrigerated warehouse owners with a viable alternative to ammonia (NH3) refrigerant, which faces increasing government regulation. 
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IARW would like to recognize the authors of this report:

Terry L. Chapp, PE, Business Development Manager, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration (Retired)
Eric W. Teale, PE, Business Development Manager, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration

IARW would also like to recognize these contributors:

Bob Hampson, retired, former owner of Canneberges Becancour
John Miranda, founder and chief marketer, Emergent Cold Technologies
Pete Lepschat, director of engineering, Henningsen Cold Storage
John Gallaher, business development manager, Guntner US, LLC
Jeff Newel, director of research and development, Dover Food Retai
Joris Kortstee, director of business development, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration
Marc-Andre Lesmerises, CEO, Carnot Refrigeration