GCCA Cold Chain Index

GCCA releases the Q3 2023 Cold Chain Index. In order to improve the economic information available to industry participants, the Global Cold Chain Alliance has commissioned a Cold Chain Index (CCI), reported since the end of 2018. The CCI tracks the growth rates of costs associated with cold storage using predominantly official sources of economic data. The CCI can be customized to the region, state, and metro area where a warehouse facility operates.

The CCI includes five classes of expenses: labor, electric power, supplies, repairs, and rent; the cost shares typical of a North American refrigerated warehouse are shown in Figure 1. Labor was the largest share of expenses, at 35% of the total. Rent/Lease represented 31% of total expenses. Electric power accounted for 10% of total expenses.

GCCA Cold Chain Index – 2023 Quarter Third Update Now Available!

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