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GCCA’s Promising Future in Central Asia

GCCA has been involved in various projects throughout Central Asia, and in 2017 the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), a GCCA Core Partner, participated in the USAID Central Asia’s Competitiveness, Trade and Jobs (CTJ) project to assess gaps in cold chain sustainability in the region. The goal of the project was to develop solutions to increase employment in the horticulture sector, strengthen the utilization of the cold chain, and to improve cold chain logistics in five Central Asian economies. The assessment provided recommendations and outlined specific actions to grow the industry throughout the region, including in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. 


Richard Tracy, Vice President of International Programs - GCCA, traveled to Kazakhstan in early November 2018 to participate in the Kazakhstan Cold Chain Development Roundtable that supported the USAID CTJ project. The goal of the meeting was to discuss roadblocks to growth and profitability of the Kazakhstan cold chain and to develop a network to overcome these challenges and maximize profits. Key recommendations included establishing collaboration between cold chain professionals to create a potential services organization, such as a trade association, and to form an advisory committee of industry professionals to guide future activities, adapt to local conditions and actively participate in events. GCCA commits to working with the advisory committee, EBRD and CTJ to help this industry mature.


Tracy also traveled to Uzbekistan to participate in a seminar to plan the final 18 months of the USAID-sponsored project. The seminar was very productive, as the project is looking to create a sustainable professional services organization in order to carry on the work done by key project personnel. The goal is that this would lead to the creation of a creative mechanism for GCCA to provide fee-based services in the region upon completion of the project.


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November 29, 2018

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