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Prenotification and Certificate Changes for Meat Shipments Destined for China

China has recently changed its export requirements regarding the prenotification procedure for pork and beef exports. It is important to note that pork and beef exports that are certified ON OR AFTER April 19, 2018 must utilize a new system in which FSIS Public Health Veterinarians (PHVs) will scan signed FSIS Forms 9060-5, 9295-1 and accompanying letterheads into PDF files and email them to this secure FSIS email address:

According to FSIS, some notifications are incorrectly being sent to the email address that is only for product certified PRIOR TO April 19 (, which is not the same email address as above. GCCA strongly encourages members exporting pork and beef to China to be certain notifications are sent to the appropriate email address.

April 27, 2018

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