Checklists and Templates

Published by GCCA core partner organizations, checklists and templates help members better understand and prepare for critical industry issues. Many of these checklists and templates can be found within GCCA technical guides, manuals and white papers. All items are carefully vetted by association staff, industry experts, and GCCA committees. Nonmembers may visit the online store


Workplace Violence Guidance Pre - and Post - Event Guidance 

Designed by Lockton Insurance, this document is to be used as a resource for your internal safety and risk management professionals to prepare your company before, and assist after, a workplace violence event has occurred.

Public Refrigerated Warehouse Hazard Assessment Checklist

Designed for warehouse employees as well as safety professionals to assess and identify potential hazards in 25 categories of risk. Includes checklists, reference information, and supplementary tools.

Cold Storage Maintenance Matrix 

As a supplement to the Guide to Effective Warehouse Design, Maintenance, and Modernization, IACSC and IARW published the Maintenance Matrix to help members better understand and track warehouse maintenance

Business Continuity Plan Template

The goal of this document is to keep each facility operating to the best of its ability and to continue business following a crisis event. 

Ammonia Emergency Response Checklist

When an Ammonia spill occurs, the four top priorities are life safety, controlling/containing/stopping the leak, environmental safety, and business/financial recovery. GCCA members may download the Ammonia Emergency Response Checklist to ensure that all necessary steps are taken when responding to an Ammonia spill.

Arrival Procedures - Inbound Carrier
Arrival Procedures - Outbound Carrier