Technology is vitally important in any modern cold chain business. It supports everything from inventory control to customer service. The member-only resources below are designed to help members understand and vet the latest technologies.

Technical Guides


Guide to Effective Warehouse Administration
Get everything you need to know to run a successful refrigerated warehousing and logistics business, including chapters on warehouse law, insurance, IT systems, human resources, and government affairs.

White Papers and Reports


Application of Automation within a Public Refrigerated Warehouse 
Learn about reasons to consider ASRS, challenges that may arise with ASRS, and building considerations for ASRS. The paper also includes a handy checklist of design, construction, and scope considerations for an ASRS project.

Controlled Environment Fire Prevention: Using Oxygen Reduction Technology in the U.S. 
Learn about controlled environment fire protection, including how it works, its viability in the U.S., and costs compared with traditional fire sprinkler systems.

PRW North American Readiness Study
Learn about the benefits automation can bring to the cold storage industry and what the PRW industry needs to ready itself to adopt such solutions.

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