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Resources to Help Comply with Virginia COVID-19 Standards

The Commonwealth of Virginia published workplace safety standards for the COVID-19 pandemic on July 27th. To assist businesses with compliance the Department of Labor and Industry’s Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Program and the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board has published several resources to help businesses comply with the new COVID 19 standards. Click here to access the resources.

The temporary standards will protect Virginia workers by mandating appropriate personal protective equipment, sanitation, social distancing, infectious disease preparedness and response plans, record keeping, training, and hazard communications in workplaces across the Commonwealth. The standards also provide employers direction on how to report to VOSH when an employer has three or more employees that present positive tests in a 14 day period.

These temporary emergency standards will remain in effect for six months and can be made permanent through the process defined in state law.

August 06, 2020


Employee Safety

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