Diagram of the cold supply chain



Forge a universally strong cold chain where every product retains quality and safety through each link.



Grow the industry and lead the cold chain.


Core Partners

Supporting this critical mission are three Core Partner trade associations, which provide relationships, resources, and recognition to its members, and one charitable foundation.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance and its Core Partners are supported by the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), a nonprofit foundation. WFLO develops education and research for the industry and provides cold chain advisory services that empower economic development and strengthen the global cold chain.



Each of the Core Partner associations was founded years ago - IARW in 1891, IRTA in 1994, and CEBA in 1978. In 2007, these organizations came together under the united umbrella organization, the Global Cold Chain Alliance. GCCA serves as the focused voice of the cold chain industry. GCCA is a platform for communication, networking and education for each link of the cold chain. Learn more about our history.



GCCA serves more than 1,100 companies in 85 countries who serve the food industry by providing third-party, temperature-controlled supply chain services. Over 40 percent of GCCA members are outside North America. Learn more about membership.


What is the Cold Chain?

The cold chain refers to the temperature management of perishable products in order to maintain quality and safety from the point of slaughter or harvest through the distribution chain to the final consumer. Learn more about the Cold Chain.


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