COLD FACTS: March-April 2018

In this issue of COLD FACTS, find out how improved infrastructure is impacting the cold chain, how facilities have survived natural disasters, how GCCA leads international cold chain development, and much more!


On the Cover
In the Path of Disaster
Firsthand accounts of cold chain facilities surviving some of the biggest storms on record...and an earthquake.

In the Issue

IARW Builds on Global Presence, Research in 2017-18

Infrastructure Policy Up Next in Washington
Improved infrastructure is vital to the future of the cold chain.

Growth in the Fresh Produce Industry
How can cold storage construction companies add value and enhance their own businesses?

127th IARW-WFLO Convention to Analyze Latest Business Trends
Programming and events are focused on advancing cold chain warehousing and logistics for improved business outcomes.

GCCA Delivers Cold Chain Expertise Around the Globe
International development projects span 60 countries.